Sky updates AdSmart platform

Sky is adding to new enhancements to its targeted advertising service, AdSmart, including more precise location targeting.

From November, advertisers using AdSmart will be able to deliver TV ads to Sky homes based on the first two letters of their area postcode.

Previously advertisers could use the platform to target only by TV region or metropolitan area.

The second new feature will allow advertisers to use their own customer data to help them reach their preferred audiences – on top of the 90 customer attribute segments already offered by Sky AdSmart.

The updates were announced at IBC yesterday by Sky Media’s deputy managing director, Jamie West, who said:

“We’ve seen a huge and growing demand for Sky AdSmart, opening up the UK’s most-loved medium to scores of advertisers who previously thought it was not relevant or out of reach.”

“Building on our successful launch, we’re further strengthening the product to give advertisers additional ways of reaching their desired audiences on TV. We look forward to continuing to develop Sky AdSmart to give advertisers even more control over their TV campaigns.”

West said that to date, 224 brands have run 640 individual campaigns using Sky AdSmart, and that a total of 577 million Sky AdSmart ads have been viewed in Sky homes.

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