Three quarters of millenials discover TV from friends, social media

Some 76% of 18 to 29 year-olds discover new TV shows from friends, family and social media, according to research by interactive social TV service Relay TV.

This compares to 48% of respondents who reported discovering new shows from commercials, and only 15% who said they do so through the TV guide.

The study claims that 73% of millenials still watch TV on a traditional TV set, though 74% also watch content online using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Some 59% said they watch subscription content using a computer, smartphone or tablet, while 46% watch subscription content through an app on a smart TV.

A total of 43% reported connecting a computer to the TV to watch online content.

“What drives Millenials is spending time and participating with their friends. With this in mind, we developed a social TV solution that allows viewers to check-in, discover, watch together and interact, all in a single unified experience,” said Kye Cheung, CEO of RelayTV.

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