Poland’s TVN launches second screen application

TVN has launched what it claims will be Poland’s first social TV app, a second screen service that went live to coincide with the launch of the latest season of Poland’s Got Talent.

The app, called ‘Mam talent!’ went live at the weekend and market the launch of season seven of the local version of the hit Got Talent franchise.

TVN said that 60,000 viewers used the app during the first episode and that more than 1.35 million interactions took place within the course of the program – including opinion polls and quizzes related to the show.

“Today viewers expect much more from television than just ready-made entertainment offering to enjoy as passive viewers. They want to participate actively, exert an influence on what and whom they watch, be free to evaluate, express their preferences and likes and to confront them with other viewers’ opinions,” said Edward Miszczak, TVN management board member for the programming department.

“Our second screen “Mam talent!’ application is an excellent tool – it enables them to do that fast and easily via mobile phone or tablet with an extra fun aspect.”

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