ITV automates multi-platform content delivery

UK broadcaster ITV has migrated its content to a file-based distribution and transmission model and brought all catch-up services in house.

ITV said that the move marks the completion of a “significant stage” in its content delivery modernisation (CDM) project, which is designed to automate linear, catch-up and archive content delivery to a variety of platforms using a file-based workflow.

The workflow allows ITV to deliver content to a variety of platforms in the UK and overseas and the strategy is designed to improve the quality, speed and costs associated with delivering content across multiple delivery platforms, according to ITV.

“As part of the evolving digital landscape, viewers want to access quality content using a variety of platforms and devices. This presents great opportunities for ITV and we are delighted to have achieved this milestone in our technology roadmap, which allows us to exploit our content across multiple delivery platforms and improve the viewing experience for our audiences,” said ITV’s director of technology, Mark Smith.

“We will continue to work in this area to provide greater benefits for viewers and the wider industry over the coming year.”

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