Tanzania’s Azam Media taps Kudelski unit for CI+ CAMs

AzamTVAfrican DTH provider Azam Media has teamed up with Kudelski-owned conditional access module supplier SmarDTV to deploy CI+ CAMs for its AzamTV service, currently in Tanzania, with other East African countries to follow.

Azam Media has targeted the 76% of Tanzanians that do not have access to digital-terrestrial TV following the country’s switchover. Following its launch, the company is extending the service to Uganda and Kenya as of this month.

Kudelski-owned Nagra is already supplying conditional access to AzamTV.

“Demand for better entertainment channels and programs is on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa. iDTVs combined with modules is a fantastic way to accelerate access to pay-TV and encourage customers to take up digital TV services,” says Rhys Torrington, Azam Media CEO.

“With this proven technology solution, we would be able to provide Tanzanians with high-quality value-added services and offer more opportunities for viewers in East Africa to enjoy television, plus everything that a digital service has to offer.”

“Tanzania is rapidly moving to digital TV and AzamTV is rapidly emerging as the leading DTH platform,” said Jerome Vial, SmarDTV’s VP of sales.

“A conditional access module offers a plug-and-play, cost-efficient, very simple to install and a flexible solution that will enhance AzamTV services with a new device. We welcomed the first arrival of IDTV with Common Interface slots on the African continent last year and we are excited to enable AzamTV to benefit from this technology.”

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