Agama unveils new analytics applications

Quality assurance specialist Agama Technologies is adding new analytics applications to its flagship Monitoring Solution at IBC.

According to Agama, by focusing on specific use cases, such as device troubleshooting, change management and content offering optimisation, these applications enable new insights for TV operators.

Operational Analytics for Devices is an application to interactively explore how viewing device aspects and metrics are correlated within the total customer base and, the resulting impact on end-user quality. Its exploratory user interface allows for detection of differences and correlations in service quality and device behaviour for combinations of aspects, such as software and hardware versions, chipset, device model and firmware, which, says Agama, with traditional methods would be very difficult or even impossible to discover.

The intelligent processing and aggregation of metrics and properties enables interactive visualisation and correlation of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics. This empowers, for instance, technical analysts, third line support staff and development teams to faster troubleshoot and analyse issues.

The second application, Operational Analytics for Media Consumption, provides customer analytics information down to per-service level that can support an operator’s marketing, sales and product management teams. The detailed insight into how and when services are used by the customers, with metrics such as reach and rating, can be used to streamline channel packaging, support content negotiations, and to understand customer engagement, according to Agama.

“Our new Operational Analytics applications combine intelligent processing and analytics with data exploration and interactive visualisation, tailored to each use case,” explains Johan Görsjö, director of product management at Agama Technologies.

“This gives completely new possibilities from which to draw conclusions and shortens time to insight. It speeds up daily analysis tasks too. We’re convinced that this kind of mission-focused analytics offers great potential to TV operators looking to increase operational efficiency, as well as enhance customer understanding.”


Agama Technologies is exhibiting at IBC on stand 4.A75

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