Civolution teams up with Applicaster

Content identification specialist Civolution has teamed up with cross-screen technology provider Applicaster to integrate their technologies to enable broadcasters to launch second screen activities synced with content and ads being watched on TV, whether live or on-demand.

The joint solution is based on integration of Applicaster’s second screen products and Civolution’s SyncNow automatic content recognition technology.

Appicaster provides a range of second screen technologies including its FEED module, an aggregated timeline of all show-associated broadcaster activities combined with social elements, such as viewer comments, photos, tweets and replies. FEED serves as a hub for broadcaster and social activities, retaining users within the broadcaster’s TV app domain, while offering social TV elements to the viewer.

Civolution automatically identifies TV shows and commercials in real time. Upon identification of an ad or a specific content segment, the technology enables  synchronisation and triggering of pre-determined content or activity on second screens. This means that within seconds of a commercial or a specific content segment starting on TV, a digital ad, or other relevant engagement element  appears on the viewer’s second screen app.

“This successful integration with Civolution resolves two major challenges in relation to TV programming: recreating the live-feel to non-linear and long tail content, and retaining viewer attention and engagement levels during commercial breaks”, said Liron Deutsch, vice-president, corporate development, Applicaster.

“With the real time triggering of unique and creative brand  and content related activities – broadcasters, content owners and brands can bridge the attention gap and offer continuous cross-platform engagement and meaningful second screen activities.”

“By linking TV and broadcaster companion apps, we now offer the ability to re-capture viewer attention and create compelling ad campaigns and programs on dual screens’, said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP watermarking solutions, Civolution.

“Civolution enables advertisers, broadcasters and TV show producers to present consumers with related and complementary content and brand messages on the app, exactly in sync with what’s being watched on TV, even in case of time-shifted viewing.”


Civolution will be exhibiting at IBC on stand 2.B41. Applicaster will be exhibiting on stand 3.B20k

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