Free makes fixed-line progress despite tough competition

French multi-play operator Iliad Telecom/Free had close to 15 million fixed and mobile subscribers at the end of June. 

While most of the operator’s one million first-half additions were for its mobile offering, Free’s fixed services added 95,000 new subscribers, despite strong price competition from rivals. Free now claims a 24% share of the French fixed-line market.

Free said it increased its fixed ARPU to €35.80, despite an intensifying of price competition. Revenues for fixed line activities grew by 4% to €1.279 billion for the first half.

In mobile, Free has now passed the milestone of nine million subscribers, giving it a 13% market share just two years after it launched its 3G service. Mobile revenues were up 24% to €746 million.

Group EBITDA rose by 7% to €624 million, despite an increase in VAT levied on sales.

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