Lenovo taps CSR for Bluetooth TV remotes

CSR LenovoTechnology provider CSR has teamed up with TV consumer electronics manufacturer Lenovo to make what it says will be the first TVs with Bluetooth smart remote controls. 

The S9 and S52 smart TVs will include remotes powered by CSR’s CSR1011 and CSR8510 platforms.

According to CSR, the incorporation of Bluetooth in remotes will enable consumers to take advantage of voice control, as well as easily adding motion navigation and gesture recognition functionality.

According to the company, the CSR Smart Remote platform enables the remote to ‘wake up’ and reconnect to the TV upon a key-press, saving battery power.

“CSR’s flexible Bluetooth Smart platforms ensure our customers can interact with their TVs in new and improved ways such as via voice recognition or gesture communication,” said Qi Wei, executive director, R&D, S

mart TV BU at Lenovo. “CSR’s end-to-end solution was easy to integrate and made our journey to market faster. It also offers the functionality that a modern smart TV remote demands and performs better in both responsiveness and current consumption than other more power-hungry technologies such as Wi-Fi.”

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