Numericable extends ADSL reach through unbundling deal with SFR

Numericable cable dig fibreAhead of its planned acquisition of SFR, French cable operator Numericable has struck a local-loop unbundling deal with the larger telco that will enable it to extend its broadband reach significantly.

The move will enable Numericable to extend its existing ADSL offering to SFR’s exchanges. According to website Ariase, based on its own calculations Numericable will be able to sell its unbundled ADSL offerings in over 4,875 local exchange points, including 800 equipped with a DSLAM belonging to Numericable subsidiary Completel, with the remainder belonging to SFR.

The deal means that Numericable will overtake Free as the country’s second largest unbundled provider, according to reports. The company will be able to reach a large number of areas where networks have been put in place by SFR in partnership with local municipal authorities, according to Ariase. It will also enable Numericable to avoid paying transport fees to Orange to reach customers.

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