PeerTV completes HEVC trial

OTT TV technology provider PeerTV says it has successfully completed a trial of the H.265 or HEVC video compression technology over the web, meaning that content can be streamed via the PeerTV set-top box using 50% of the bandwidth previously required for H.264 compression.

PeerTV said it had also made a number of other upgrades to its Android-based platform, which now uses quad core processors. A games adapter has been launched allowing Android games that were originally designed for touch screen to be played with a standard remote control or external joystick/gamepad.

PeerTV customers include Russian expat-focused OTT service provider Kartina TV.

“Our next generation OTT TV over the internet set top box takes us to what we believe to be clear market leading position within the OTT market – we can now offer OTT providers a technology solution using Android apps, quad core technology for power and H265 compression, which delivers far superior picture and sound quality, whilst using around half the bandwidth previously needed,” said PeerTV CEO Avi Vermus.

“Clearly, this opens up the market considerably and allows us to target countries where OTT TV may not yet have been considered viable, as these areas may not yet have a well-developed fast internet infrastructure.”

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