Access launches multiscreen content discovery platform

Device browser provider Access has launched Access Twine, a new platform designed to enable unified content search and discovery across multiscreen platforms.

Access is targeting pay TV operators with the new platform which it says can bridge the gap between different multiscreen devices using different DRM, OSS and billing systems. The company has pre-integrated support or conditonal access and DRM systems including Microsoft PlayReady, enabling control and in-home distribution of content from DVRs and other devices.

It is diesigned to enable video content discovery and playback on mobiles, tablets and operator branded devices such as set-top boxes. Twine is also designed to enable operators to manage device authorizations, concurrent devices and remote access as well as create managed domains, as well as to provide data collection and enable targeted advertising insertion at different points. Access plans to announce a partnership with an advertising systems provider at the forthcoming IBC.

“Fragmentation is the largest technological hurdle operators face when looking to deploy the multiscreen services that are now a consumer must have,” said Neale Foster, COO and VP global sales TV, Access Europe.

“Access Twine has been developed to provide a single management platform that helps operators address fragmentation issues in terms of device type, browser and OS, interaction method, screen size, secure content delivery and rights issues. Access Twine provides the simplest route for operators to launch true TV Everywhere while enabling consumers to access the existing operator portfolio and their personal content such as recordings on their PVR devices even when they are outside of the home. This helps operators to focus on providing the best possible services to attract and retain customers as well as maximise ARPUs.”

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