UK TV sees biggest communications revenue growth, says Ofcom report

Ofcom Communications Market Aug 14TV saw the biggest rise in communications sector revenues in the UK last year, seeing a 3.4% increase compared with decreases in the telecom and radio sectors, according to Ofcom’s latest Communications Market Report. Postal services revenues also grew, by 2.9%.

UK adults spend two hours 58 minutes a day watching TV, but young adults spend only 24% of their overall time engaged in media and communications activity watching TV, compared with 49% of 65 year olds and over.

Live TV accounts for half of all watching time amongst 16-24s, with the balance made up of viewing online content, downloaded and streamed content and other activities, compared with 69% of watching time spent on TV among all adults.

UK adults as a whole spend 16% of watching time on recorded TV.

The survey also found that consumer are increasingly multitasking in communications, with 42% of adults watching live TV while making voice calls.

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