Swisscom passes ultra high-speed milestone

Swisscom signSwisscom has now connected over a million homes to its ultra fast broadband network, the company has revealed.

The company said it aimed to extend high-speed broadband to over 2.3 million homes and businesses by the end of next year, taking this up to 4.6 million by 2020.

The telco has deployed a number of technologies to reach this milestone, including widespread use of vectoring, which has extended high-speed services to over 200,000 homes since the start of the year. Ten municipalities have also been connected to fibre-to-the-street networks, with this technology to be extended to over 100 further municipalities. Other technologies used by Swisscom include FTTH, with over 800,000 homes and businesses in over 80 towns and cities now connected.

Swisscom began its rollout of vectoring in January, improviign the bandwidth available over VDSL networks. Swisscom is also collaborating with Huawei to develop, a successor technology to VDSL.