Continued subscriber decline for Canal Digital

Telenor's Fornebu HQ

Telenor’s Fornebu HQ

Telenor’s Canal Digital DTH pay TV unit saw continued decline of its subscriber base in the second quarter, dropping from 920,000 in March to 915,000 in June. 

Canal Digital saw revenues slip slightly in the second quarter, down from NOK1.119 billion (€134 million) to NOK1.109 billion.

Overall, Telenor Broadcast, of which Canal Digital is a part, saw its revenues dip year-on-year in the second quarter, falling from NOK1.667 billion to NOK1.529 billion, with the sale of conditional access arm Conax contributing a NOK160 million drop. Telenor Satellite revenues also fell slightly, from NOK246 million to NOK239 million. Transmission services arm Norkring saw revenues rise from NOK260 million to NOK295 million.

EBITDA for the Broadcast unit stood at NOK469 million, down from NOK543 million, while operating profit fell from NOK392 million to NOK330 million.

Telenor Norway’s fixed line TV base remained stable at 530,000, up 1,000 quarter-on-quarter. Norwegian fixed TV ARPU fell slightly from NOK276 to NOK273. Fixed TV subscribers in Sweden fell by 4,000 quarter-on-quarter to 517,000.

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