BBC Distribution to join Future Media division

Ralph Rivera

Ralph Rivera

The BBC’s distribution division will move departments from BBC Technology to BBC Future Media from next month. 

The corporation said that as of August, the unit will work more closely with BBC Future Media’s business development team, which works to get services like the BBC iPlayer and its news and sports apps on a number of platforms and devices.

The department move follows a BBC Trust review into the BBC’s distribution of its UK services that was published late last year.

The review was carried out by media consultancy Mediatique, and found that while the BBC’s spend on distribution represents good value for money, “the teams within the BBC responsible for different distribution contracts should work more efficiently together.”

BBC Distribution is a 40-strong team that makes sure that the BBC’s public services are carried on all radio, television and digital platform, working with partners such as BT, Freesat, Freeview, YouView, BSkyB and Virgin Media.

“Following several reviews we have concluded that there will be benefits to bringing Distribution into Future Media. This is great news for us and especially Business Development, who work closely with a range of partners,” said the BBC’s director of Future Media, Ralph Rivera, in an email to Future Media staff.

“We will be recruiting someone to lead both Distribution and Business Development soon,” he added.


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