Vodafone Portugal introduces new services to OTT TV offering

Manchete3Vodafone Portugal has revamped its TV services with a new graphic interface, the incorporation of home media sharing, and new interactive features. 

The home media sharing service, Live On TV, enables users to broadcast material they film with a camera, smartphone or tablet, via a dedicated app, to friends that also subscribe to Vodafone TV.

New interactive services include the ability to access, via the red button, the Facebook page of programmes being viewed. Vodafone has also introduced new TV apps for Twitter, Facebook and Picasa, as well as the ability to set up automatic recordings of HD channels for seven days.

Vodafone Portugal has also added eight new channels to its OTT-based TV service – M6 Vox, RTL, Super RTL, Brazil’s Record TV, Caça e Pesca (Hunting and Fishing), Toros and BBC Entertainment.