NTV+ adds Viasat packages

Russian pay TV operator NTV+ has added two subscription packages from Modern Times Group’s (MTG) to its programming line-up.

NTV+ is offering Viasat Premium HD and Viasat Premium HD Zapad (West) to its subscribers. Both packages include six channels – Viasat Nature/History HD, Viasat Sport HD, Viasat Golf and moves channels TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 Megahit HD and TV1000 Comedy HD.

Viasat Premium HD Zapad is available in combination with the Layt Zapad (Light in the West) basic package, while Viasat Premium HD is available in combination with basic packages Light, Light Plus, Basic and Basic Plus. Viewers can sign up to receive the packages at no additional cost for a limited promotional period.

The two packages will be available respectively via the Eutelsat 36A/W4 and Eutelsat W7 satellites.