BBC takes extra capacity for summer of sport and music

bbc facebookThe BBC has taken an additional transponder on the Astra satellite position at 28.2° East for the duration of the Wimbledon tennis championship and the Glastonbury Festival this month and the Commonwealth Games in August.

The additional capacity will be used to broadcast multiple high definition and standard definition video streams and will be available to satellite and cable viewers in the UK.

The additional capacity will enable the BBC to deliver simultaneous live feeds of the summer’s events, viewing tennis matches of their choice, alternative sound stages at the Glastonbury Festival and various events at the different locations hosting the Commonwealth Games.

“Feedback from viewers after the 2012 Olympic Games showed overwhelmingly that the provision of more choice of live events made the Games even more popular and enjoyable,” said Garazi Goia, acting director, BBC Distribution.

“We are pleased to be able to expand our coverage again for the major sporting and music events taking place this summer.”

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