Netflix’s French plans take shape

NetflixBuilding4Netflix will commission an exclusive drama series in France next year following the launch of its service this autumn, according to French news service BFMTV.

BFMTV reported three months ago that Netflix had asked French producers to submit projects for an original series, but that it had not specified whether the project would be initiated in time for the service’s launch or later. The news service has now said that it will be available in 2015 and will most likely be shot in Marseille.

BFMTV said that Netflix had decided to respect France’s strict content windowing rules, although the service will be based in the Netherlands rather than in France, avoiding the requirement to submit to French regulation or its tax regime.

BFMTV said it had learned that the French service would be priced – in line with the service elsewhere in Europe – at €7.99 a month for the standard definition service, and €8.99 for HD and reception on two devices, with a further offer of €11.99 for HD reception on four devices.

The service said that Netflix aims to be on as many devices as possible in France, and is seeking to establish agreements with multiple TV operators in the country, without striking any exclusive deals.

Content will include Netflix orginals like Orange is the New Black and acquired series, including exclusives like AMC’s Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul.

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