Kaltura unveils search and discovery platform

Ron Yekutiel

Ron Yekutiel

Online video platform provider Kaltura has launched Kaltura Reach, a video discovery, search and accessibly platform that includes captioning, transcription and translation services, in-video and cross-library search and discovery, deep-linking capabilities, as well as metadata and keyword extraction, according to the company. 

According to Kaltura, the plaform provides services including searchable transcripts and metadata across video libraries, semantic keywords and topics that fuel video recommendations, subtitles from professional translators across 200+ languages, an ADA/508 compliant video player that provides equal access to hearing impaired and second language audiences, improved SEO and search rankings with rich metadata appended to video, support for all major caption and transcription formats and standards and support for a wide range of languages and caption formats.

“With the rapid increase of online video, organizations are facing a multifaceted challenge around accessing global-audiences, complying with government regulations and industry standards, and capturing accurate data,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura chairman and CEO.

“Every video experience benefits from captioning, transcription and translation services as a means to increase video accessibility, enhanced learning retention, richer user engagement, semantic search and improved SEO results. Kaltura’s approach is to arm every user with the best chance at success by providing the broadest range of solutions with the deepest reach.”

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