CBBC partners with SyncScreen and Civolution on play-along app

TGory Games 2he BBC’s children’s channel, CBBC, has partnered with SyncScreen and Civolution to power a play-along quiz app called Gory Games. 

The iOS and Android smartphone and tablet app is designed to be used with the Horrible Histories spin-off quiz show Gory Games and lets viewers test their knowledge of “gruesome facts” and win virtual prizes whilst watching the show live, or on-demand on BBC iPlayer.

Two-screen TV company SyncScreen produced the app design and user experience, while the app also uses automatic content recognition technology provided by Civolution, called SyncNow.

“Synchronization between multiple screens is becoming increasingly prevalent in mainstream TV programming. The launch of the Gory Games app is further proof that a well designed and produced two-screen experience can unlock deeper viewer engagement models,” said Civolution’s chief marketing officer Andy Nobbs.

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