YouTube channel provider Zoomin.TV sets up shop in US

Jan Riemenns

Jan Riemenns

Europe’s largest multi-channel operator, Zoomin.TV, has launched its production and distribution business in the US.

The Amsterdam-based firm is the fourteenth-largest MCN globally, according to web analytics website SocialBlade, with more than 8,000 channels. Currently, around 500 more join the operator each month. It is also in the YouTube Partner Program.

It has bases across Europe, and will now open offices in New York and Miami servicing English- and Spanish-lnaguage audiences, respectively.

As the US push begins, Zoomin has appointed digital distribution expert Chris Young to its board of directors. He founded branded content and digital distribution firm Digital Broadcasting Group, which Alloy Digital (now part of the merged MCN Defy Media) acquired in 2013.

Zoomin works with US-based online video distributors such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN, and around 25% of its viewership comes from the States.

“Expanding in the US market allows Zoomin.TV to increase user experience through even stronger talent and existing publisher partnerships,” said Young. “Zoomin.TV will look to effectively reach key audiences both through content and advanced ad-tech technologies, resulting in revenue and deep distribution channels.”

“Given our current strength with U.S. partners and that a significant share of our viewership is US-based, this is a natural and important next step in our global expansion,” added Zoomin founder Jan Riemens.

Zoomin currently produces more than 400 unique videos a day, mainly new content for a variety of partners.


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