Russian satellite failure leads to channels move

Gazprom Space Systems (GSS)-owned satellite Yamal-201, positioned at 90° East, has malfunctioned, leading GSS to transfer channels on the craft to other satellites.

According to GSS, attempts to restore normal operations on the satellite have so far failed. The company immediately transferred half of the traffic on the satellite to Yamal-300K, located at the same orbital slot.

The company said it was now working to transfer other channels to alternative orbital slots, namely Yamal-202 at 49° East and Yamal-402 at 55° East.

GSS had planned to replace the 11 year-old Yamal-201 this year with Yamal-401, a satellite with much greater capacity. However manufacturing delays led to a delay in the launch schedule from August 2013 to September 23 this year. The recent failure of the Russian Proton launch vehicle, subject to an ongoing investigation, could result in further delays to the launch.

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