Spain’s Telecable eyes 4K move

Spanish operator TeleCable is trialling 4K with a view to possibly supporting the technology from next year, according to chief technology officer Jesús Pérez Iglesias.

Speaking at the Arris Video Leadership Forum in Barcelona this week, Iglesias said TeleCable is currently running Ultra HD trials, but warned there are “several problems” with the technology – namely relating to a lack of content and set-top box requirements.

“It’s important to study [4K], that is what we are doing in order to use it – probably for next year. That is something that we are just looking at, not concentrating on implementing now,” said Iglesias.

He also said that TeleCable was looking at IP multicast for the multiscreen. “We think it is something that we should have in the future, but we don’t have, currently, a timeframe in order to introduce it.”

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