New TV audience measurement service goes live in Africa

Mobile survey firm GeoPoll has launched its new Audience Measurement Service in Africa, offering what it says will be first ever daily TV ratings in several markets on the African continent. 

The Audience Measurement Service has launched in five countries – Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda – and is due to continue to expand across Africa in the coming months.

“At GeoPoll, we’ve established a standard for delivering data insights in emerging economies, and with our new Audience Measurement Service, we’re offering a category first: overnight TV ratings from almost a third of the African population,” said James Eberhard, founder of GeoPoll and its parent company Mobile Accord.

“Advertisers, brands and broadcasters have been relying upon limited data, which can’t keep up with shifting target audiences and programming. Our overnight insights will give these groups a more accurate picture of consumer behaviours and preferences as they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to engage rapidly growing audiences.”

GeoPoll claims that with its launch, it becomes the largest TV audience measurement company in Africa.

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