BT launches multi-room YouView+ offering

BT Youview+ plusBT is launching a multi-room YouView service, offering customers the option of having two YouView+ boxes in different rooms in their homes.

The additional box will include the same channel subscriptions and additional packages as the main device in the house. However, Sky Movies will not be available on the Extra Box.

Customers will be required to take out a 12-month Extra Box subscription for £5 (€6) per month and to buy an additional YouView+ DVR box for £99. BT customers will be restricted to two boxes per household.

The offering is restricted to customers with an internet line speed of greater than 34Mbps, which BT says covers the majority of its BT Infinity subscribers.

The second box offering is restricted to YouView customers. Customers with a BT Vision set-top box can exchange the older device for a YouView+ box for a one-off fee of £35.

“We are delighted to be able to offer BT customers the added flexibility of having two YouView+ boxes in their home. Over the past year, we have transformed our service by introducing pay TV channels delivered in fantastic HD quality on our market-leading YouView+ box. We believe this offers the best quality TV experience and the most competitive bundle with fibre in the market,” said Alex Green, director of TV for BT.

“Our content line-up is growing by the month and offers everything from premium Sport to movies to download to own. Our recent developments have been extremely well received by customers and we now have a very strong foundation for growth as we carry on expanding our service.”

BT’s TV service passed the one million customer milestone at the end of March. In recent months the service has launched buy-to-keep movie downloads and has added to its HD line-up.

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