Philips uWand partners with CSR for Bluetooth integration

TV remote business Philips uWand has partnered with wireless technology firm CSR to integrate the latter’s Bluetooth Smart platform, which includes voice recognition support, into the uWand design.

The CSR smart remote platform is designed to offer “seamless data transfer” between a remote control and TV or set-top-box. uWand said that combined with Philips’ camera-based direct pointing technology, manufacturers will get an “intuitive television navigation experience” from uWand, and optimal battery life.

“We wanted to ensure manufacturers using uWand could also count on a seamless Bluetooth Smart connectivity experience. We are happy to work with CSR’s µEnergy range because the company has an unequalled market heritage, having helped write the Bluetooth Smart standard, and this is reflected in its powerful platforms which offer advanced features without compromising battery life,” said Navin Natoewal, general manager at Philips Business Group Media Interaction.

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