SFR launches smart home device and packages

box home de sfrFrench service provider SFR has launched a new smart home device, Home de SFR.

SFR begun comercialising the Home by SFR home security service last year. The new box, available from June 3, will integrate all the group’s services in a single device that can be used to deliver control of the connected home, according to SFR.

The new box will be offered with SFR’s Extras, already available on mobile, including a beIN Sports service, the Pack Divertissement plus Sport including 50 TV channels, the Pack Jeunesse with seven kids channels and a choice of films and animated series, and the Pack 3 VOD, with a range of VoD content.

In addition to entertainment content, Home de SFR includes home surveillance capability, enabling users to receive video alerts in real time. The Alarme Vidéo package includes an alarm system and a remote control, as well as an HD night-vision camera with motion detector and a smoke detector.

The complete offer, including he Extras packs and Home by SFR, is available fro €48.99. The offer also includes 1Gbps internet access, unlimited mob8ile calls and SFRs TV ‰evolution service, with over 170 channels and 500GB DVR. Also included is 100GB of cloud storage.

SFR has already sold its smart home platform internationally, with German MVNO Mobilcom Debitel choosing the system.


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