ATVOD censures adult services

UK video-on-demand regulator ATVOD has ruled that six adult VoD services operating across 29 websites have broken rules requiring them to prevent children watching hardcore pornography.

The latest findings by ATVOD bring to over 30 the number of UK adult services against which the regulator has acted since 2012 for failing to protect children.

The six services – Bra Busters of Britain, Hardglam, Madame Caramel, Miss Jessica Wood, One Stop Porno Shop and Speedy Bee – were found to be in breach of a statutory rule which requires that material which might seriously impair under 18s can only be made available if access is blocked to children.

According to ATVOD, the sites broke the rules by allowing visitors free and unrestricted access to hardcore promos, trailers or still images, while access to the full videos was open to any visitor who paid a fee.

Four of the services – Hardglam, Madame Caramel, One Stop Porno Shop and Speedy Bee – which failed to make their services fully compliant in accordance with a timetable set by ATVOD have been referred to Ofcom for consideration of a sanction.

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