Smart TV manufacturers are “abandoning” app support, warns Which?

Which Infographic - Smart-TVsTV manufacturers are “abandoning support” for smart TVs once they are a few years old, “potentially leaving people with obsolete TVs,” UK consumer body Which? has warned.

The report claims that as TV manufacturers pay licences to host apps such as the BBC iPlayer and Netflix, they may choose to only cover app licences for newer products – meaning that in the event that either app maker or manufacturer changes technology or software, the end user will lose access.

“Consumers have every right to a reasonable lifespan for the products they buy, and this should extend to support for the services these products are marketed with in the first place. It’s good to see the Consumer Rights Bill bringing the law into the 21st century and making consumers’ rights clearer on digital content,” said Which? editor, Richard Headland.

Which? claims that in some cases manufacturers refuse to guarantee the availability of apps on their smart TVs, acknowledging that they may be removed without notice.

The body is supporting the UK’s Consumer Rights Bill, which is designed to merge all existing UK consumer protection laws and regulations and is currently under review by Parliament.

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