TV Everywhere viewers watch more TV, says Viacom

Viewers that use TV Everywhere apps and websites watch more TV content overall and have greater loyalty towards their pay TV provider, according to a new study by Viacom.

According to the ‘TV Here, There, (Not Quite) Everywhere,’ 64% of viewers polled said that since they started using TV Everywhere (TVE) apps they watch more TV in total – a figure that rose to 72% among millennials.

“For those using TV Everywhere, the television is still the go-to source for TV shows and watching live. After live TV, TVE apps and sites are a strong alternative, rivalling VoD, DVR and other sites that don’t require authentication with a pay TV provider, such as subscription streaming services or other free sites,” said Viacom.

Among those surveyed, 98% said that TVE adds value to their pay TV subscription, with 67% claiming it adds “a lot” of value.

A huge 93% also said that they were more likely to stay with their pay TV provider due to TV Everywhere, while 68% have “a more favourable impression of networks that offer TVE experiences.”

“While still nascent in terms of awareness and usage, TV Everywhere presents a huge opportunity for brands to grow and strengthen their relationships with fans. This research provides valuable insights into developing the best TVE experiences for our audiences who want to engage with their favourite content beyond the television screen,” said Colleen Fahey Rush, executive vice president and chief research officer, Viacom Media Networks.

Viacom conducted online surveys with participation from more than 1,300 viewers aged 13 to 49.


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