ANGA and DTG demo silicon decoding of 4K using HEVC

ANGA COM in Cologne and the DTG UK UHD Forum in London each held corresponding demos of live decoding of 4K content compressed with HEVC yesterday.

In London visitors to the DTG conference were able to see live decoding and display of 10-bit 50Hz 2160p content compressed with HEVC in what was touted as the first example of decoding using silicon in real time.

At ANGA, the corresponding demo used the latest Broadcom BCM7445 chipset with support for 60Hz progressive display.

“Broadcom’s early entry in Ultra HD, beginning with the BCM7445 UltraHD video decoder at CES 2013, has allowed us to deliver multiple advanced SoCs with market specific features and price points today,” said Rich Nelson, senior vice president of marketing, broadband communications group, Broadcom Corporation.

“Our continued commitment to developing industry protocols and working closely with our partners is helping to bring the clarity and brilliance of Ultra HD TV to the home, while delivering economics that work for service providers.”

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