SES launches new cable headend neighbourhood for Lat Am

Satellite operator SES has launched a new video distribution platform for Latin America at the 47.5° East position.

The operator has launched a new video distribution neigbourhood for Latin America on the NSS-806 satellite that it says will provide new capacity for expansion of video channel delivery to cable head-ends throughout Latin America, as well as capacity to accommodate the increasing number of HD channels in the region.

According to the operator, the position, combined with the existing SES position on SES-6 at 40.5° West, will provide expansion and redundancy space for programmers and broadcasters seeking to grow their offerings.

SES has also announced the launch of a new antenna-seeding programme for cable headends in Latin America.

The antenna programme will be managed by Encompass Digital Media’s Latin American operation, including procurement, distribution and logistics. The goal is to provide comprehensive reach to all cable headends in the region, according to SES.

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