Shazam adds ‘new TV experience’ with app update

Content recognition app Shazam has rolled out a “streamlined second screen experience for TV in the US” with a new update to its iOS mobile app. 

From today, Shazam said that users will see a new look for the app that will make it easier for TV viewers to access content around dramas, comedies and reality shows.

“Shazam users can Shazam any show on the 160 channels that Shazam supports in the US,” the firm said.

Shazam has also added new Facebook integration as part of the Facebook Audience Network, which will see users receive customised ad results in Shazam, and is featuring content like videos and artist interviews more in its search results.

The update rolls out first on iOS with an update for Android to follow shortly.

At the same time, Shazam has signed a partnership with NCM Media Networks in the US.

NCM owns a network of 3,000 cinemas, including the Regal, AMC and Cinemark brands and, as part of the deal, all of its pre-film content – including ads, interviews and behind-the-scenes content – will be ‘Shazamable’ so viewers can get more information and bonus content.


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