Belgacom adds seven channels to TV Replay

Belgian telco Belgacom is adding seven more channels to its catch-up service TV Replay.

The addition of Vijf, VTM, 2BE, Vitaya, JIM, anne and vtmKzoom take the service’s total channel count to 13, with Belgacom saying that other channels will be added to the offer at a later date.

TV Replay lets Belgacom customers catch up on TV shows up to 36 hours after their original broadcast, and the service can be accessed via TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Channels already available on TV Replay are Eén, Canvas, Ketnet/OP12, Vier, Belgacom 11 and Belgacom 5.

Belgacom started trialing TV Replay last November and launched it in Flanders and Brussels in February.

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