Harmonic to launch first distributed CCAP device

Harmonic has launched NSG Exo, its new ‘distributed CCAP’ platform targeting cable and telecom operators that have deployed fibre-deep networks but wish to connect end users via coax.

According to Harmonic, NSG Exo is a cable edge device for enabling the deployment of a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) utilizing coax networks.

NSG Exo, described as a distributed CCAP system, allows service providers to move their RF delivery requirements out of the headend or hub and deeper into the network, according to the company.

The CCAP-ready system includes DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS/J-DOCSIS CMTS capabilities, with universal edgeQAM capabilities to be added in the future.

The NSG Exo, sitting at the edge of a network in the basement of a multiple dwelling unit or as an outdoor unit, can deliver narrowcast services to end users utilizing a GbE, GPON or EPON network.

Asaf Matatyaou, director of cable edge solutions at Harmonic, said that the advantage of the technology is that operators “can take the Ethernet digital connection all the way to the premises and have the CCAP functionality in the basement of a building or on a telephone pole. You can eliminate RF from the hub. Running digital is much cheaper, and you eliminate power and space requirements from the hub.”

Operators can run fibre to the premises and use in-building coax to deliver services to the DOCSIS modems in end users’ homes, he said.

Matatyaou said that it makes sense to implement all DOCSIS functionality, including MAC and PHY layers, in a single device rather than retaining one or other in a centralised hub, which requires interoperability between different devices.

Matatyaou said that Harmonic is initially deploying the NSG Exo as a distributed CMTS – outputting DOCSIS – but that it could add edgeQAM functionality through a software upgrade. However, he said, the current demand is for CMTS functionality.

He said the platform could support the higher order 256QAM modulation in the upcoming DOCSIS 3.1 specification.

Matatyaou said Harmonic is currently in multiple trials across the world for the product and plans to launch it commercially in the third quarter. An outdoor version will be commercialised later.


Harmonic will exhibit at ANGA COM in Hall 10.1, stand S10.

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