BBC outlines ‘new iPlayer’ rollout plan

Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor

The BBC is going ahead to make the new version of iPlayer it has been testing the default version for computers following what it said was an overwhelmingly positive response to the new design.

The BBC rolled out the new iPlayer in preview on computers, tablets mobile phones and connected TVs nine weeks ago.

According to the public broadcaster, over 95% of those who responded to its online survey to the launch were positive, with only 5% of its nationally representative sample disliking the new design.

BBC head of iPlayer Dan Taylor said in a blog posting that the BBC would bring the new version of iPlayer for TV out of preview in the coming weeks and make it the default. Versions for other devices will be updated over the coming months.

BBC iPlayer apps for Android and iOS devices will also be updated withy the new look and feel over the next few weeks.

Taylor said that the BBC was making some changes to the iPlayer interface following the survey.

It has decided to reintegrate the ability to sort categories of programmes by how recent the relevant shows were added to the player, a feature initially dropped from the new version. Taylor said the BBC would also look at how to create sub-categories to filter content on some broad categories like drama. It has also started introducing the ability to alphabetise favourites as well as the ability to organise them placing most recent content at the top.

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