OTT subscribers are ‘most voracious’ TV Everywhere customers

Despite industry fears of ‘cord cutting’ or ‘cord trimming’, subscribers to OTT services like Netflix are actually among “the most active TV Everywhere users,” according to new NPD Group research.

The NPD Group TV Everywhere report claims that 75% of homes that use subscription VOD services also have a pay TV subscription, and 25% use their provider’s TV Everywhere service at least once per month.

The research said that dual SVoD and pay-TV subscribers were not only more likely to have tried TV Everywhere services, “they are also using it more frequently.” Some 30% of SVoD subscribers use TV Everywhere on a weekly basis, compared to just 20% of non-SVoD subscribing TV Everywhere users.

“Though some SVOD subscribers may be cutting the cord, the evidence is that the overwhelming majority are not only keeping the cord, they are lengthening it through aggressive use of TV Everywhere,” said NPD senior vice president of industry analysis Russ Crupnick.

“This speaks to the level of engagement they have with programming and a comfort in using the internet to both access and interact with that programming.”

In total, NPD found that 21% of pay TV subscribers use the TV Everywhere services provided by their pay-TV operator at least once per month.

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