Pace to target European markets with RDK products

UK set-top provider Pace has said it plans to expand into DVB markets with RDK product deployments in partnership with major MSOs such as Liberty Global.

Pace used the US Cable Show in Los Angeles to announce the availability of its Elements middleware platform fully integrated with the RDK platform.

Elements is based on open source components and supports the design, delivery and management of digital content and services into and around the home, according to Pace.

Pace has already shipped over three million RDK devices in the US in partnership with Comcast and other operators.
Pace has also expanded its relationship with RDK Management by signing up to the RDK Advanced Support Programme (ASP) and Media Sponsorship Programme (MSP).

“Pace is in a unique position to deliver and advise operators on RDK compatible hardware, software and also the necessary system integration to wrap everything into a single solution,” said Jonathan Cobb, President of Pace Software and Services.

“Our unrivalled experience helps operators around the world deploy RDK-based solutions to create cost-effective and compelling video delivery solutions. We will continue to build momentum behind the RDK program as more Pace devices with Pace’s RDK compatible Elements middleware deploy globally.”

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