Belgacom launches mini set-top box

Belgian telco Belgacom is launching a new low-price set-top box, called the V5 Mini, that is says is designed to act as a second or third decoder for the home. 

The box, which will become available to Belgacom TV customers on May 2, has no hard disk and is designed to be small, light and economical.

Priced at €4 per month to rent, or €125 to buy, Belgacom said the V5 Mini will let users access all its existing TV menus, pause, fast forward or rewind TV shows, and to watch recorded TV shows for up to 30 days – thanks to an an integrated recording system on a secured external server.

“This feature is available for 44 channels already [and is a] number that is set to increase over the next months,” said Belgacom.