Eurosport celebrates anniversary with online commentator competition

Eurosport is launching an international online commentator contest to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

European sports fans can win a VIP trip to the Tour de France, the Spa WTCC race or the US Open by demonstrating their sports commentator skills. A jury of Eurosport experts will designate the winners based on the performances of the fans as commentators of iconic moments in tennis, cycling and motorsports.

Fans choose the video segment they would like to comment on and record their commentary on a website created by Eurosport.

The contest is part of Eurosport’s “We Live For Live” campaign featuring various B2B and B2C promotional activities centred on coverage of live sports. The site has been developed by Paris-based Addiction Agency.

“To celebrate our quarter of a century of leadership in live sports broadcasting, what better way than to offer a unique experience to the participants – to be in the role of a sports commentator,” said Heather Bowler, global communications director, Eurosport.

“Eurosport knows how to deliver the most immersive, insightful coverage and capture all the emotion to provide an unforgettable experience of each sport to the viewers. It will be interesting to see how all the international participants will succeed in this challenge.”

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