Aereo faces Supreme Court today

AereoAereo faces its ultimate test today, as the US Supreme Court hears the case brought against the controversial streaming and remote DVR service by US broadcasters.

Aereo lets users watch and record broadcast television over the web for US$8 (€5.86) per-month. The Supreme Court agreed to review the case after a series of legal judgements rejected claims by Disney and CBS that it should be shut down.

Broadcasters, who fear that a decision in Aereo’s favour could open the floodgates to a new wave of cord-cutting, have threatened to take their signals off air and become cable-only services if the latter is give a green light. They claim that Aereo, backed by US media mogul Barry Diller, violates copyright law by rebroadcasting their signals without consent.

Observers believe the result of today’s hearing, at 11:00 ET, is too close to call.  A judgement is not expected until June at the earliest.

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