Lithuania’s Teo challenges Russian channels ruling

Lithuanian service provider Teo and 27 other TV providers have appealed a decision by the country’s radio and TV regulator to block programmes on Russian international channels NTV Mir that are not originated in the EU, EEA and countries that have ratified the Television Without Frontiers convention.

The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission ordered TV providers to block programmes from NTV Mir and RTR Planeta on the grounds that they had aired content that contained disinformation and inducement of hatred.

The TV operators appealed the decision regarding NTV Mir on the grounds that they were not able to identify the origin of programming on the channel and that they needed appropriate instructions on how to implement the decision.

The appeal was dismissed. The service providers now intend to appeal again, including against the RTR Planeta ruling.
Teo said it had, together with parent company TeliaSonera, formulated a group policy on freedom of expression in telecommunications that it would attempt to follow in all cases where access to content is restricted.

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