Canal+ Overseas expands Intelsat agreement

Pay-TV operator Canal+ Overseas has expanded its capacity deal with Intelsat, allowing it to extend its high definition DTH programming in the Caribbean.

Under the deal, Canal+ Overseas, which targets customers in international French-speaking territories, will continue to use multiple transponders on the Intelsat 903 satellite at Intelsat’s 325.5°E video neighbourhood, and from 2017 will transition its capacity to the follow-on satellite at that location, Intelsat 35e.

Intelsat claims 903 at 325.5°E is the leading DTH neighbourhood serving the French Caribbean territories, with more than 160 SD and HD channels.

“Intelsat worked closely with us to understand our long-term business requirements for serving the Caribbean region. As a result, Intelsat designed and customised a spot beam on Intelsat 35e, resulting in an optimized DTH distribution platform that will deliver greater DTH power to a broader coverage area,” said Canal+ Overseas CTO Bruno Cattan.

“With more efficient distribution, the solution will better enable us to expand our service offerings and growth opportunities to all French territories in the region.”