BBC Worldwide CEO re-joins BBC executive board

BBC Worldwide CEO and director of global, Tim Davie, is re-joining the BBC’s executive board with immediate effect. 

Davie will replace BBC HR director Lucy Adams, who is leaving the corporation and will keep the total number of executive directors on the board at seven, alongside six non-executive directors.

Davie served on the board prior to joining Worldwide, when he was acting director-general of the BBC after the departure of George Entwistle.

Before that he was also on the executive board as director of audio and music, and as director marketing, communications. However, at the time he joined Worldwide, the head of the BBC’s commercial arm did not formally take a place on the board.

“Tim already regularly attends executive board [meetings] and brings his insight and commercial knowledge to our discussions. By formalising this role we’ll ensure that we continue to benefit from his experience and global perspective,” said Tony Hall, director-general of the BBC.