BBC iPlayer tops 300 million for second month running

The new BBC iPlayer on tablet, smart phone, TV and computer

The new BBC iPlayer on tablet, smart phone, TV and computer

BBC iPlayer requests broke the 300 million barrier in February for the second consecutive month, with requests up by 15% year-on-year.

Mobiles and tablets together accounted for 48% of TV play requests in February, while game consoles, internet TVs and connected devices, and TV platform operators together accounted for 23% of TV requests. Computers accounted for 30% of requests.

Top Gear retained pole position at the front of the list of most-requested TV programmes, with 3.2 million requests for episode one of Series 21. The automotive interest show also held the number two and three slots, followed by two episodes of comedy show Outnumbered. Together, Top Gear and Outnumbered held eight of the top 10 slots.

5 Live Sport dominated the top 10 list of radio requests.

Peak use of iPlayer occurs at about 22.00, with an average of 702,000 requests at that time, compared with a 21:00 peak for TV viewing, with an average 26.7 million audience.

By contrast, iPlayer use for radio is more evenly spread, with a mid-day peak of 150,000, compared with an 08:00 peak for radio listening of 14.1 million.

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