BT tops Ofcom pay TV complaints table

Ofcom received more complaints about BT TV service in the last quarter of 2014 than about any other UK pay TV service, according to the latest complaints update issues by the UK media and telecom regulator.

Ofcom received 0.31 complaints per 1,000 BT TV subscribers. The regulator said that although complaints about BT’s service had declined by comparison with the previous quarter, they remained well above the industry average.

Ofcom included TalkTalk in its complaints update for the first time, recording 0.19 complaints per 1,000 subscribers, in excess of the industry average.

BSkyB generated the fewest complaints at 0.02 per 1,000 customers.

BT also generated the most complaints for its broadband offering as a proportion of its customer base – 0.32 per 1,000 customers during the fourth quarter. Complaints were primarily driven by service faults and issues with how complaints were handled.

EE was the second most complained about broadband provider, with TalkTalk also generating complaints above the industry average.

Virgin Media attracted the fewest broadband complaints at 0.07 per 1,000 customers.

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