Telenet adds Medialaan channels to Yelo TV

Liberty Global-backed Belgian cable operator Telenet and Flemish commercial broadcaster Medalaan have signed a new deal that will see content from the VTM, 2BE, Vitaya, VTMKZOOM and JIM channels made available on Telenet’s Yelo TV multiscreen service.

The new agreement, which will cover live and on-demand TV rights until 2017, will enable all Telenet Yelo TV users to watch Medialaan programmes on tablets, PCs and smartphones.

Telenet said it hoped to be able to add the channels by the summer, with time-shifted viewing to be added later.

“I’m very pleased with this agreement. TV viewing habits are changing dramatically, and that’s good news, because people watch TV more than ever,” said Peter Bossaert, CEO of Medialaan.

“Together, Medialaan and Telenet will now seize the opportunity to develop this growth market further, and to update and innovate the existing television services at no additional cost for the viewer. We believe that cooperation between our companies creates value. We needed a little time for this, and have worked hard on it over the past few months. But I’m pleased that we’ve been able to make a clean break with the past and can look to the future once again.”

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