Cisco implements first cloud-based RDK IPTV for Europe

Cisco has implemented what it says is the industry’s first Reference Design Kit (RDK)-based IPTV system for pilot purposes in Croatia’s largest operator, T-Hrvatski Telekom.

Cisco said it completed the deployment in only 90 days.

The new service was implemented using Cisco Videoscape, deployed as a combination of data centre-based equipment and Videoscape Cloud Services software as a service.

Using Cisco Cloud Fusion, the new IPTV service was built, tested and then transferred to Hrvatski Telekom in what Cisco described as “a remarkably short timeframe”.

The service is the first deployment of video-over-IPv6 outside North America, according to Cisco.

T-Hrvatski Telekom’s new IPTV service is based on parent company Deutsche Telekom’s TeraStream network.

TeraStream is a software-defined networking concept that enables simpler implementation and integration of services delivered from the cloud.

“The objective of the TeraStream network is to enable agile service innovation, and this project is the perfect example of that,” said Mario Gojčeta, head of TV platforms development and integration work unit, Hrvatski Telekom.

“From conception to completion, we were able to launch our pilot service in 50 days – which would have been impossible with traditional solutions. The nature of Videoscape Cloud meant that the components existed, the expertise and understanding was there; it was just a case of making it work for us, and we’re delighted with the result.”

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